Tony Wasiuk, BC-HIS, President, MA Lic #62, NH Lic #H335, FLA Lic #AS5168

Tony Wasiuk, BC-HIS, President, MA Lic #62, NH Lic #H335, FLA Lic #AS5168

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My name is Tony Wasiuk. I am a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist (BC-HIS). I am licensed in Massachusetts (MA Lic #62), New Hampshire (NH Lic #H335) and Florida (FLA Lic #AS5168) and I have been in the hearing industry since January 3rd, 1978. In this time, I have seen and fit over five thousand patients.

I served as Secretary of the Massachusetts Hearing Society for several years helping develop their website and working on legislative and consumer issues and am a member of the International Hearing Society. I have trained with all the leading manufacturers and with many industry pioneers. 

When I first started, many small family businesses controlled the hearing dispensing industry. I remember hearing that the people who became dispensers had to be caring and understanding as well as professional and that the business got into their blood and that family members and generations became involved. My father wore hearing instruments and that is how I got started in the business. He also worked with me until about ten years ago in Gardner Massachusetts. My wife, Darrylin Besnilian-Wasiuk was a successful banker and within a few months of our marriage we took over another practice in Fitchburg Massachusetts, at which time she left banking and we have been working together ever since. My son, Peter Wasiuk, is graduating with his Doctorate of Audiology. 

It is funny; no matter how much some things change, some things stay the same.